Vista Transformation Pack 9.01

Change the look and feel of your desktop and interface

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    Windows XP

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Vista Transformation Pack allows you to modify the look of your Windows XP installation to mimic that of Windows Vista. The program only works with Windows Vista, so if you're looking to revert from a later version of Windows, you should use the personalization section of Windows or find another software package to achieve your needs. While Microsoft officially doesn't support Windows XP, many still prefer the functionality of Windows XP. This makeover allows you to make your Windows XP computer look like Windows Vista without upgrading. The program is free to use and install, but it's a bit outdated as it was created to allow people the ability to get the Windows Vista look before it was officially released.

Windows XP functions in much the same way as Windows Vista. However, the look of Windows Vista is one compelling reason for many people to consider upgrading. Using the upgrade pack, you can install all of the icons, themes and basic framework used by Windows Vista. The Vista Transformation Pack provides a safe and easy to use method to add all of the Vista elements to Windows XP. This includes the start-up screen, cursor options, award-winning sounds, screen-savers, clock, control panel icons and toolbars. The utility does fall short in the transparency department, but you can download another program to mimic the transparency if that is something you wish to enable.

One caution is that the software isn't always a straightforward uninstall. Driver DLLs must be changed to make the software work. This can leave some issues once you uninstall the software and you might find yourself in a position where you need to re-install the software or your entire operating system. The development team readily admits that this is an install-at-your-own-risk installation, and it's possible that they did not anticipate all of the potential problems. To be certain, you should avoid installing this software on a production operating system or create a full backup of your system before installing the software.

Vista Transformation Pack was widely regarded as one of the best packages to install the Windows Vista theme on Windows XP. However, a large number of potential issues make this free program a risk that for many is not worth taking. The developers have officially come out and stated that they no longer recommend this program with the release of Windows Vista. This makes sense as Windows XP support no longer exists and you must upgrade to Windows Vista to continue to receive product and security updates for your software.


  • Simple installation that transforms Windows XP to look like Vista.
  • Authentic results that don't require you to complete an upgrade process.
  • Transparency options help to make the software more authentic.
  • One of the best transformation packs available.


  • May cause conflicts with other programs and exhibit strange behavior.
  • Developers no longer support the software.
  • Does not provide the security features of Windows Vista.

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